Technion-Cornell Dual Master’s Degrees in Health Tech

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Technion-Cornell Dual Master’s Degrees in Health Tech


MS Information Systems (Cornell) & MS Applied Information Science (Technion)

Program Length

2 Years

Issued By

Cornell University & Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, government agencies—all are looking for ways to make healthcare more effective, accessible, and affordable. And they’re turning to technology for solutions.

The Technion-Cornell Dual Master’s Degrees in Health Tech gives students the technical and entrepreneurial skills needed to create new digital technologies for patients, clinicians and communities.

Health Tech at Cornell Tech

Get a Hands-On Immersion in Health Technologies

From data-mining techniques that track public health trends to apps that facilitate the connection between patients and providers, technology has the potential to transform how healthcare is delivered and experienced. The Technion-Cornell Dual Master’s Degrees in Health Tech will put you on the cutting edge of that transformation.

Through a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum designed with input from leading hospitals, insurance companies, medical schools and health organizations, you’ll combine an exceptional technical education with the industry-specific knowledge you need to develop innovative new products and services that address real healthcare needs.

Working in cross-functional teams with classmates from across Cornell Tech’s diverse and exceptionally talented student body, you’ll develop tech-driven solutions for real clients with real business needs in the Product Studio program and create a new business in the Startup Studio. You’ll also pursue a Specialization Project in a health tech subject of your choosing.

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