Fostering Creativity and Collaboration

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Fostering Creativity and Collaboration

Advertising agencies, architecture firms and other creative organizations have long understood the power of a culture in which ideas are shared and critiqued in an open and collaborative environment. Seeing and discussing the work of your peers can inspire great work of your own. And getting constructive feedback from people whose experience and instincts you trust can help you turn good ideas into great ones. Cornell Tech’s Studio culture ensures you’ll get the coaching, collaboration and camaraderie you need to thrive.

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Studio Sprint

Scrums, Sprints, and Socials

Cornell Tech’s Studio Curriculum is anchored by two major projects, Product Studio, in which you and a team of your classmates develop a product or service in response to a strategic business challenge posed a real company, and Startup Studio, in which you and a team of your classmates develop your own startup. We supplement those two major projects with other events and activities that make it even easier to share ideas and inspiration.

  • Open Studio happens at the end of each semester. We invite members of New York’s tech and startup communities into our Studio space to see what you’ve been working on. It’s a great opportunity to show off your work and make many new networking contacts as you enjoy the biggest social and professional event of the semester.
  • Studio Sprints are a 24-hour period each month during which there are no classes so you can focus your energy on product and business development work.
  • Student-led Scrums An important part of Studio culture is peer-to-peer engagement between the students, capitalizing on the bright and diverse population of our campus. Scrum is a dedicated meeting time for students to practice and develop the muscle memory of building new products, receive and give feedback and validation, and address blockers and risks, all of which ultimately leads to learning how to create great products.

Masters Programs

Our programs are driven by the project-based, cross-functional collaborations that define how the most innovative ideas and successful companies are brought into being.