Building a Culture of Creativity, Collaboration and Innovation

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A Builder Mindset

The gap between education and practice can be wide. In the Studio, all of our students practice the actions of entrepreneurship, product design, management, prototyping and more.

This is not a lecture: it's a weekly wake-up call.

Each week, we invite a guest into the Studio for a provocative, closed-door discussion led by students. Guests include active entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, artists, VCs, lawyers, ethicists and other leaders who are impacting society through their entrepreneurial efforts.
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Putting Creativity, Collaboration and Innovation to Work

The best ideas are brought to life when people from different backgrounds come together to support and inspire each other. And that’s exactly the dynamic of collaboration, inspiration and friendly competition that the Studio component of a Cornell Tech experience fosters. The projects you and your classmates pursue in the Studio will let you practice entrepreneurship, product design, management and other skills you learn in the classroom. You’ll graduate with tangible, marketable experience and a portfolio of completed work that will help you launch your career with confidence.

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Studio at Cornell Tech

Studio Defines the Cornell Tech Experience

Whether you’re a Computer Science, MBA, or LLM student, the Studio experience will be an integral part of your degree and the foundation of your future success.

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Masters Programs

Our programs are driven by the project-based, cross-functional collaborations that define how the most innovative ideas and successful companies are brought into being.