Innovation thrives on rigorous thinking, creative ideas, a vibrant environment and a bit of the unexpected. The diverse people of Cornell Tech embody this inspiring and dynamic mix and are driven by the desire to help spark the next great tech revolution.



Our faculty pursue research that helps advance technical fields and often has application in the real world. They are passionate about encouraging a new generation of tech leaders and seeking innovative solutions, and they are experienced at working with the public and private sectors.
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Practitioners & Researchers

Practitioners offer unique perspectives and come from diverse backgrounds, including other institutions and leading companies in NYC and beyond. They help shape the Cornell Tech experience and environment. Practitioners offer input, guidance, mentorship, and industry knowledge.

Cornell Tech hosts researchers whose work is both rigorous and relevant to the city’s tech ecosystem. Many researchers are supported by industry sponsors, and these relationships result in joint projects, sponsored research and technology transfer between campus and local industry.
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PhD Students

PhD students at Cornell Tech in New York City pursue the same degree programs as their peers in Ithaca. They belong to the same PhD programs, are members of the same graduate fields, follow the same application process, and have the same course and research requirements.
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Our leadership and the dedicated staff members on their teams are here to support all participants in Cornell Tech’s ambitious mission, from faculty to students, industry partners to alumni. These are the people who make it possible to offer a completely new kind of graduate education.
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Cornell Tech Council

The Cornell Tech Council is the primary governance group for Cornell Tech and a subsidiary body of the Cornell University Board of Trustees. The Council provides advice and counsel to the Dean and senior leadership and serves as active champions and supporters of Cornell Tech.
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