Security remains elusive in today’s computing systems. Data theft, privacy violations and the compromise of critical infrastructure regularly make headlines. Security breaches affect the operations and reputations of businesses and governments around the world, as well as the lives of ordinary people.

Cornell Tech has one of the world’s leading academic research groups specializing in security, privacy and cryptography. Its faculty are known for their influence on industry, non-profit and government practice, as well as for their highly cited and award-winning research results. Their work spans a wide range of topics, including user privacy, the theory and practice of cryptography, cryptocurrency, censorship, game theory, machine learning security and Internet of Things security and privacy, to name just a few.

To a degree unusual in academic research, the Cornell Tech security group regularly consults with industry practitioners to drive and inform its research. Additionally, it collaborates regularly with faculty in other domains, such as HCI and Social Computing and Law and Policy. The group aims to have a clear, positive impact on the security status quo and to educate a new generation of students capable of innovating in the face of tomorrow’s security challenges.