Cornell Tech’s academic environment encourages tight integration across disciplines, couples fundamental research with practice, and supports societal and commercial ventures alongside research and education.

In addition to world-class academic work, a distinguishing characteristic of our research is that it engages deeply with external communities, organizations, and industry to address real-world problems and contexts that amplify the direct societal and commercial impact of our research.

Upcoming Events

2/8/19 12pm: LMSS @ Cornell Tech: Percy Liang

Additional talk details TBA. BIO: Percy Liang's research is to develop trustworthy agents that can communicate effectively with people and improve over time through interaction. He broadly identifies with the machine learning (ICML, NIPS) and natural language processing (ACL, NAACL, EMNLP) communities.

2/22/19 12pm: LMSS @ Cornell Tech: Richard Socher

Additional talk details TBA. BIO: Richard is the chief scientist at Salesforce. Previously, he was an adjunct professor at Stanford's computer science department and the founder and CEO/CTO of MetaMind which was acquired by Salesforce in 2016.

3/8/19 12pm: LMSS @ Cornell Tech: Kristen Grauman

Additional talk details TBA. BIO: Kristen Grauman is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research in computer vision and machine learning focuses on visual recognition and search.