Cornell Tech’s academic environment encourages tight integration across disciplines, couples fundamental research with practice, and supports societal and commercial ventures alongside research and education.

In addition to world-class academic work, a distinguishing characteristic of our research is that it engages deeply with external communities, organizations, and industry to address real-world problems and contexts that amplify the direct societal and commercial impact of our research.

Upcoming Events

9/12/18 11am: Seminar @ Cornell Tech: Ariel Orda

Network Science is an emerging discipline with applications in a variety of domains, such as Communication Networks, Power Grid Networks, Transportation Networks, Social Networks and Biological Networks.

9/17/18 11am: Distinguished Colloquium Speaker: Eric Brewer

We are in the midst of shifting the notion of “Cloud” to a higher level of abstraction than virtual machines — one based on services, processes and APIs.

9/21/18 12pm: LMSS @ Cornell Tech: Dan Roth (University of Pennsylvania)

Dan Roth's research interests are in the computational foundations of intelligent behavior.

9/24/18 11am: Distinguished Colloquium Speaker: David Blei

Causal inference from observational data is a vital problem, but it comes with strong assumptions.

10/29/18 11am: Distinguished Colloquium Speaker: Susan Dumais

Over the last decade, the rise of web services has made it possible to observe human behavior in situ at a scale and fidelity previously unimaginable.

11/30/18 12pm: LMSS @ Cornell Tech: Mirella Lapata (University of Edinburgh)

Mirella Lapata is a professor in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.