Master of Engineering

Program Length

1 Year

Issued By

Cornell University
Businesses in the digital age are awash in data and hungry for skilled analysts and information scientists who can use that data to make insightful, real-time business decisions. Cornell Tech’s Masters in Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE) will provide you with the mathematical modeling, large-scale computation and data analytics skills you need to turn heaps of data into effective business decisions.


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Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell Tech

Learn Where Rigor Meets Innovation

Cornell Tech’s ORIE Masters combines Cornell University’s academic rigor with the energy and opportunity that come with studying in the heart of New York’s tech start-up community.

Led by faculty who are actively shaping the future of Big Data, you’ll master the intricacies of business analytics, optimal decision-making and machine learning. You’ll gain commercial context for your technical expertise through projects carried out in conjunction with tech giants and start-up companies. Working in cross-functional teams with your classmates—who will include ambitious young computer scientists, information scientists, marketers, product managers and even lawyers— you’ll create your own businesses in the Startup Studio and develop real solutions for clients in the Product Studio program. In just one year, you’ll graduate with the skills, experience, and network you need to launch a career in harnessing data to drive customer value.

Who Should Apply?

Cornell Tech’s ORIE Masters is ideal for students with a passion for using data-derived insights to shape business decisions. The technical requirements are that you have completed one course on linear algebra, one course on intermediate-level probability and statistics, and one course on programming before applying.

A Master of Engineering in Operations Research and Information Engineering is also offered on Cornell’s Ithaca campus, with a focus on building operations research-related math and engineering skills, rather than Cornell Tech’s more entrepreneurial approach to developing mathematical modeling skills to inform business decisions. Learn more.

Unlike the Ithaca-based ORIE Masters program, Cornell Tech does not offer a third semester option for their ORIE Masters students.

Topics Covered

  • Optimization Methods
  • Probabilistic Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Modeling Under Uncertainty

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