What is Health Tech?

At the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute we prepare already inspired minds to create technologies that address critical health challenges for all of society.

“The healthcare industry is one of the most complicated and complex to navigate as an innovator and entrepreneur. We need to bridge the gap in knowledge and experience between healthcare professionals and technologists. Students in our Health Tech program learn how to design new technologies tailored to healthcare — ones that society needs and the market wants.”

– Deborah Estrin, Founder, Health Tech Hub

As a student in the Health Tech Masters Program, you will graduate with a Masters of Science (MS) Degree and skills that are key to the future of technology-driven healthcare. Your potential future professions include but are not limited to: mobile/consumer health startups; insurance companies; hospital systems; 360-degree medical providers; life sciences/pharma companies, health IT companies; healthcare cloud computing and data analytics companies; and foundations and nonprofits.

What will I study?

Health Tech is a two year program where you will receive a variety of technical, health and entrepreneurial courses. During the second and third semesters, you will pursue an in-depth project in your selected area of specialization. In your final semester, you’ll work with MBA and Engineering students on a project mentored by industry professionals; this gives you practical experience collaborating with engineers and businesspeople on a real-world Health Tech project.

During your first year, you will be introduced to courses such as: Building Startup Systems, User-Centered Design, Prototyping and Evaluation, Health Technologies, the Healthcare System and Entrepreneurial Co-Curriculum. For a full list of current courses at the Cornell Tech campus, check out courses.cornell.edu.

What can I do with a Health Tech degree?

The Health Tech curriculum is designed with advisors from BluePrint Health, Merck, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Pfizer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Rock Health, United Health Group, WebMD and Weill Cornell Medical College. We did this to make sure graduates are prepared to create innovative technologies, products and services that address real needs in health and healthcare. 

You’ll get hands-on experience with a wide range of organizations, from young and eager start-ups to established and sought-after companies. In the future, you’ll need to work across these sectors in order to influence a wide range of new technologies and approaches, from mobile capabilities and wearables to machine learning and user interaction.

Who should apply?

The students we’re looking for have an academic background in either computer science or a related technical field, an entrepreneurial drive and a craving to become a leader in the tech industry.