What is Connective Media?

Connective Media is a highly technical program focusing on the technologies, platforms and ecosystems that are involved in the recent convergence of communication, information and media. Coupled with the emergence of new devices and interaction techniques, Connective Media is changing the way we live our lives, communicate, interact, receive and exchange information. Offered by the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, this program is a first of its kind. This is not just a strong technical degree, but also a degree centered around people-driven technologies as it blends with the disciplines of sociology, psychology, engineering, business and design.

“Connective Media is changing the way that we behave as a society: the way we act, the way we get information, the way we diffuse information, the way we shape our views and our culture. To innovate and excel in this landscape, students need skills and knowledge from technology, the social sciences, business and design.”

- Mor Naaman, Founder, MS in IS, Connective Media Program

For more information about Connective Media read our Q&A with Mor Naaman

Degree Issuers: Cornell University and Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (dual degree)

What will I study?

The Connective Media program mixes coursework, project work and deep integration throughout other programs on the Cornell Tech campus. As a Connective Media student, your classes will provide you with a strong technical background that focuses on innovation, product development, human involvement and social aspects present throughout the tech world.

At the core of your degree is a two-year long practical engagement, starting with your first semester’s work within Company Challenges. This project is followed by a two-semester long deep-dive project, where you are closely mentored by faculty or external advisors with strong expertise in relevant technologies or subjects. Through this project you will research and develop opportunities to provide you with a deep technical foundation for your final semester. Your final semester is solely dedicated to a capstone of your project work, the Startup Studio projects. This is when you will join fellow Cornell Tech master’s students in the co-curriculum, which also includes innovation and product development courses such as Conversations in the Studio and Startup Ideas.

For a full list of current courses at the Cornell Tech campus, check out courses.cornell.edu.

What can I do with a Connective Media degree?

The Connective Media program will not only provide you with a strong technical background, but with an expertise aimed towards the human and social aspects of media technologies. With this, you will become an asset to both established companies and startups, especially within communications and media spaces. Roles throughout these spaces include software engineering and development, product development and user experience research. Moreover, Cornell Tech believes in providing each of our students with the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge required to successfully lead teams, projects and companies throughout the field of technology. Thus far, Cornell Tech students have been valued by companies such as Facebook, Google, AOL, Huffington Post, Betaworks and many more. 

Should I apply?

The quintessential candidate should have an academic background in either computer science or a related technical field, a drive for entrepreneurial interests and a craving to become a leader throughout the Connective Media tech industry.

Requirements and Admissions