Site Visits and Walk Throughs

These are strongly encouraged in order to properly and efficiently plan an event.

Preliminary Site Visits can be scheduled as far in advance as necessary to determine if a space will be adequate for the event/conference being planned. Clients can make arrangements with a member of the Event Management Team to meet at a mutually convenient time to see all of the spaces being considered. This should take place prior to a client confirming an event and all necessary paperwork is drawn up and signed.

Event Logistic Walk Throughs can be scheduled one month to two weeks prior to an event. These meetings should include a member of the Event Management Team, catering, IT, security and facilities along with the client.  These meetings are to walk through and discuss all logistical needs for an event from the registration/security process to facilities room setups, IT needs and final catering arrangements.


All deliveries for events must be prearranged through Event Management or Facilities Operations. The number of boxes to be delivered must be preapproved since there is limited storage space for event supplies. All unused materials must be removed at the end of the event as there will be not be any storage provided and items left behind will be discarded. Cornell Tech will not accept deliveries that have not been arranged in advance.

All equipment and supplies furnished by the client must be removed promptly at the end of the event. Cornell Tech assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of equipment, materials, or supplies left in a building or on the campus.

User Personnel

Client shall provide the Event Manager with a list of all personnel (and their functions) who will need access to the event location no later than 24 hours prior to load in. A designated client representative must remain in the Verizon Center until loadout has been completed. At no time will the client or any third party representative or staff be permitted to handle or use any Cornell Tech equipment without the permission of Cornell Tech Event Management or Facilities Operations.

Day of Event

We are looking forward to you having a successful event and would like you to keep the following in mind for the day of your event:

  • Have a designated representative on site at all times throughout the event in order to check in your guests and answer any questions for your guests regarding the content of your event/meeting/conference.
  • Arrive at the agreed upon time for the setup of your event as this is when you will have access to the spaces you have arranged to use.
  • Meet with a member of the Cornell Tech Event Management Team to walk through your rooms and review setups and pickup any materials delivered and stored prior to your event as well as meet with the Catering Manager and IT representative prior to the start of your event.
  • Set up your registration materials and signage for your guests.
  • At the conclusion of your event make sure to pack up any unused registration materials and either discard or make arrangements for Cornell Tech Event Management to ship the unused materials off campus. We will provide packing tape for your convenience.  (Please note you will need to provide the appropriate shipping labels for UPS or FedEx).