The campus is ADA compliant, and in keeping with Cornell University policy, is committed to service the needs of those with disabilities. For additional services required for events, please discuss details with the Event Manager during the planning of your event.

All organizations must adhere to Federal, State, and city laws and the policies of Cornell University.

We offer assistive listening devices and video calls for anyone using sign language, and our facilities are fully accessible to those with physical challenges.

Advertising & Media

Any Cornell Tech/Cornell University department or student organization must have approval from Strategic Communications to use the Cornell Tech lockup or T on any advertising or event-branded merchandise.

For guidance on use of the Cornell Tech visual brand, including colors and fonts, please refer to

No advertising can be done on or off campus until approved by Events Management.

Please be sure your advertising includes the following information if applicable:

  • Name of the event, date, time, location, and registration details
  • Name of Cornell Tech department or student group sponsoring/hosting the event
  • Attendance limit and ticketing information
  • If there is an attendance limit and admission to the event requires a ticket
  • If attendance requires an ID, please indicate what ID will be accepted/required to be shown upon entrance
  • If your event will have media present, this will require special clearance from the Strategic Communications team and is especially important for co-sponsored and external not for profit or for profit events


In order to comply with federal, state, and city laws, and to promote the health and well-being of its community, Cornell Tech defers to the Cornell University policy 4.8 regarding use of alcohol on the campus. All students, faculty and staff as well as not for profit and for profit groups are expected to comply with this policy.

All events which will take place on the Cornell Tech Campus (Cornell Tech, Cornell University and not for profit or for profit) must utilize Constellation Culinary Group for any food and beverage needs (including the serving of alcohol).  Constellation Culinary Group holds the liquor license within the Bloomberg Center and all groups will be required to hire a bartender to serve alcohol at events and ensure that all guests consuming alcohol are 21 of age.  Constellation Culinary will apply for a liquor permit for all events taking place in the Tata Innovation Center and the Verizon Executive Education Center.  For planning purposes please note there is at least a 2 week turn-around time for applying for a liquor permit.

No self-serving of alcohol is allowed in any location on the campus.

Please refer to the Cornell University policy 4.8 below:

If any event includes alcohol and is expecting over 30 people it will be required to have a security officer present at the event.  Cornell Tech reserves the right to assign security personnel as deemed necessary for safety, based on a totality of event circumstances, at the event organizer’s expense.

Banners and Signage

All banners must be pre-approved to be hung in areas designated by our Sr. Director of Facilities Operations. Banners should have grommets in order to be easily hung.  Banners will then be hung and removed by our facilities staff. Signage for events must not be affixed to any interior or exterior building structures or existing campus signs. Signage must be displayed either on easels, sandwich boards, pop up or sign holders that can be used in indoor or outdoor areas. Final location of all signage must be approved by the Sr. Director of Facilities Operation and the Event Manager.

Fire Safety

All events must adhere to the Cornell Tech’s Fire Safety Plan.  An event can be interrupted or possibly canceled or terminated should fire safety violations exist.  Occupancy limits will be enforced and if an alarm should sound all lights must be turned on (if necessary) and all attendees will be instructed to leave the area or to respond as directed by the fire safety or fire department personnel.

Guest Access

All guests must be pre-registered through Cornell Tech’s guest registration system to attend events on campus.  Upon arrival guests must enter the main entrance and check in at the security desk.  Guests will be asked to show a valid government ID to security personnel.

Guest lists are to be provided to the security team 72 hours in advance. For large events, a separate security process will be set up.  Security name badges will be pre-printed for groups and event attendees.

Late registrants can check in at the Bloomberg Center security desk.

All organizations inviting a guest speaker must identify that speaker as soon as possible, and no later than 72 hours prior to the event. Regarding potential protest and dissent, if there are any security or other public safety issues, a meeting with Campus Safety & Security officials may be required.


Cornell Tech does not assume liability for articles that are lost, stolen, or misplaced on Cornell Tech campus property.

Naming and Branding for Cornell NYC Activities Located at Cornell Tech

With the opening of the Cornell Tech campus, a number of academic programs from the Ithaca campus may be offering events or educational activities on the new campus. To avoid confusion, such events and programs should be named and described as “Cornell University” plus the school, college, unit or program name, and not “Cornell Tech” except when they are co-sponsored by or co-offered with Cornell Tech, per the following guidelines.

Naming and Branding

The Cornell University name and any relevant academic unit name(s) should be used for events or activities of Ithaca-based programs located at Cornell Tech. The Cornell Tech and/or Jacobs Institute names should only be used for programs or events offered by Cornell Tech.

Cornell University branding, including any relevant academic unit specific branding, should be used for events or activities of Ithaca-based programs at Cornell Tech. Cornell Tech or Jacobs Institute branding (the Twisted-T super graphic and lockups with the Cornell Tech or Jacobs name) should only be used for programs or events offered by Cornell Tech.


Events, activities, or programs offered by Ithaca-based units should be clearly positioned as being “Cornell University” in any materials and not “Cornell Tech” or “Jacobs Institute”.  If such a program, event or activity is collaborative or co-sponsored with Cornell Tech then the Ithaca program should work with Cornell Tech in developing shared positioning that makes clear the programs involved and/or co-sponsorship. It may be desirable to use geographic based positioning, such as “Manhattan” (as is done with the Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan program), or “New York City”, but “Cornell Tech” cannot be used in this manner.


The Cornell Tech name can be used in describing the location of any program or event that is held on the campus (but per above not in the naming, branding or positioning).  Approval for any activity or event to be held on the campus must first be obtained from the Cornell Tech events manager or Dean’s Office, except for events in the Johnson Ithaca space in the Tata Innovation Center, which must be obtained from the Johnson School administration.  Associated costs for space and services must be covered as part of that approval.  The phrase “on the Cornell Tech campus” or similar wording, along with the specific building name and room, should be used to describe the location, including for event advertising, program descriptions, business cards, letterhead, etc. For example, “Cornell University College of X, Bloomberg Center Room 101, on the Cornell Tech campus”.

Noise Control and Amplification

The NYC Noise Control Code addresses unreasonable noise, meaning excessive or unusually loud sound that disturbs the peace, comfort or repose of a reasonable person. During the planning of an event, potential sound levels, especially where amplified sound is involved, will be reviewed with the sponsors to determine any possible violations of the code.

Amplification will not be approved during time periods in which it may disrupt the workday, classes or other events.  Amplification will not be permitted during reading or exam periods.  NYC noise codes prohibit amplification after 10:00 pm.  Cornell Tech policy prohibits excessive noise amplification during business hours, although exceptions for limited amplification may be made between noon and 2:00 pm. Amplification includes, but is not limited to, any speaker more powerful than a portable radio, professional sound equipment, novice sound equipment, and any single instrument with an amplifier.


Cornell Tech Event Management has the right to schedule other organizations and events when the client is not scheduled to be in the space, so long as this does not interfere with the client’s ability to present its event in accordance with the schedule as agreed to in advance by the client and the Cornell Tech Event Management. It is understood that there may be other activities happening throughout the building simultaneously with the licensed use.

Occupancy Limits

Cornell Tech regulates limits on the number of persons who can be in a space during each event to ensure the safety of all attendees and in accordance with NYC Department of Buildings and NYC Fire Department rules & regulations.  Ticket sales are restricted to the appropriate occupancy limits to ensure compliance with building occupancy codes.  Occupancy capacities for specific venues will be reviewed and discussed during the event planning process to ensure the appropriate space is reserved for the event based on expected attendance.

Outside Vendors

Cornell Tech has a list of preferred and approved vendors for events. If you should need to use an outside vendor please contact the Event Manager to be put in touch with approved vendors.  These vendors already have liability insurance filed with the Cornell University Risk Management office. Refer to Cornell University policies and procedures regarding vendor approval and invoice payment.

All third party vendors and subcontractors providing services on the campus must provide a certificate of insurance in the amounts of $2M per occurrence, $2M general aggregate and $500,000 in workers compensation and liability.  The certificate holder must be named Cornell University.

Partisan Political Campaign Activities on Campus or at Campus Facilities

Due to its not for profit status, Cornell Tech is strictly prohibited from participating in or intervening in any political campaign or rally on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. Any organization planning, sponsoring or hosting an event that may constitute a partisan political campaign activity or rally must contact the Cornell Tech Strategic Communications team, Cornell University Counsel and Cornell University Relations.

Vehicles & Parking

Limited public metered parking is available around the perimeter of the Cornell Tech campus. Parking is also available at the Motorgate Garage on Roosevelt Island, located at 688 Main Street as well as limited parking in the self-service parking garage under the Tata Innovation Center. Guests who need to drive and park on Roosevelt Island while visiting Cornell Tech can park in the metered parking if available or the Motorgate parking garage and take the Roosevelt Island Red Bus to the campus. Only vehicles making prearranged deliveries will be allowed on the campus in the designated delivery areas.

General Facility Regulations 

  • Cornell Tech is a smoke free campus. Smoking is prohibited in the campus buildings as well as in any outdoor public area in accordance with NYC law.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed in any public areas, with the exception of the interior/exterior Café patio seating areas.
  • Only service animals are permitted inside the buildings on the Cornell Tech campus. Companion animals are allowed on the grounds of the campus. Therapy animals are not allowed inside the buildings.
  • The use of candles and chalking in addition to painting on campus lawns, pavers, and hardscapes is prohibited.
  • Solicitation of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  • Cornell Tech does not host personal or social events, including birthday parties, wedding receptions, or baby/bridal showers etc.
  • Open flames, fireworks, or other pyrotechnic devices are strictly prohibited. Any requests to use airborne effects (fog, smoke, snow, confetti, etc.) must be made in writing at least two weeks in advance.
  • Skateboards, skates, bicycles, and similar modes of conveyance are not permitted in the building.