Please complete the questions below to request space at the Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island.  Event and reservation requests should be submitted as early as possible. Reservation requests will not be accepted later than 28 days prior to the requested event date.  Please note, if you are a non-Cornell client, once your request is approved and confirmed it will take approximately 14 business days for the contract process to be facilitated.  Reservations are only guaranteed with an e-mail confirmation.  If you have any questions while completing this form please e-mail

Here is a quick overview of the process:


Please note: Availability is limited between late August to late May in the Tata Innovation Center and Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Center.

If you are interested in a request, please send an email to with the following information:

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    • Cornell Tech Event Management will make every attempt to place your event in a space best suited for your event type, expected attendance, and availability.
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    • If you need additional time to clean up after the event ends, please enter the preferred time. This will be the latest time you can access the space.
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    • Please note we are unable to add additional seating that exceeds Maximum Occupancy to any of our locations. For your safety and that of your guests, our security will turn away guests if Maximum Occupancy is exceeded.
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    • Provide this information now if it is available. If not, it will be required upon contract execution. Please note: any non-Cornell client payment can only be made by check or wire transfer. At this time, credit card payments are not accepted.
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