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What differentiates Runway?

What is the difference between Runway and the typical accelerator or incubator?

What are the program's benefits and perks?

Is housing provided?

What happens at Runway? What’s a typical day like?

How can I ensure my startup is progressing at a decent pace?

What if I’m still “taxiing” down the “Runway” after a year? If I need more time to launch my business, can I apply for an extension at Runway?

Applying to Runway

What are you looking for in an ideal candidate?

My idea is not directly related to my PhD thesis. Is that OK?

Can I apply for Runway if I’ve established my startup and it is already getting some traction?

Am I allowed to bring in co-founders or employees?

Do I need to move to New York City to join the program?

When is the application deadline, and when are acceptances announced?

I'm visiting New York City. Can I come check out Runway?

Business Education, Mentorship and Networking

What’s the educational component of Runway?

What is the role of the academic mentor?

Are there business mentors as well?

Any tips for finding co-founders and other employees?

Investment, Equity and Intellectual Property Rights

Can I retain my right to my intellectual property if I join Runway?

How much funding do Runway companies receive?

What is the financial model of Runway?

What control am I giving up by granting equity to the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute?

How can my business get funded after Runway ends?

International Applicants

Do I need to be a U.S. citizen to apply?

Can Runway get me a visa?

Do I need to incorporate my company in the U.S. to participate in Runway?

Can you help my co-founder obtain a visa as well?