Biotia works with hospitals to combat the problems of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and antibiotic resistance. Taking advantage of the current revolution in DNA sequencing, Biotia is building active surveillance systems to alert hospitals to pathogens and antibiotic resistance in their high risk environments to facilitating intervention before patients get sick.

Niamh O'Hara – August 2015 Cohort

In a world threatened by ever-increasing energy consumption and waste, DatArcs is cutting data center equipment expenditure and energy costs by making better use of existing hardware. The DatArcs Optimizer software tool dynamically tunes existing hardware and software to the currently running workload, thereby boosting performance while reducing energy consumption.

Tomer Morad – August 2015 Cohort

Alumni Companies

Maalka combines powerful data visualization and analytics with a collaborative user experience. Maalka is redefining how large building portfolios are managed. Whether you are a city or a corporate property holder, Maalka provides a scalable and flexible solution that removes the barriers associated with big data to enable continuous, iterative improvement.

Rimas Gulbinas – August 2014 Cohort

Code Ocean is making the world's algorithmic and scientific software knowledge accessible and executable. It is a cloud based platform which enables researchers in academia and industry software engineers to discover and run algorithms published in scientific journals with a single click.

Simon Adar – August 2014 Cohort

PeachyLabs is building a computer vision system that can fully describe the food in an image, including ingredients, dish name, nutritional data, cuisine and flavor profile. This service has applications for, among others, app developers and manufacturers of self-checkout lines. 

Daniel Hauagge – August 2014 Cohort

City Hive has built the software engine of the on-demand economy. City Hive is a true enabler of efficient e-commerce for the benefit of producers, merchants, and consumers alike. City Hive's solution, already deployed with multiple customers, allows buy buttons and call for actions to seamlessly appear at multiple locations across the world wide web. Users can easily create random product and merchant aggregations in and outside of content opening the door to a new wave of e-commerce that is both global and local at the same time.

Roi Kliper – January 2014 Cohort

Nanit is revolutionizing the way babies sleep with machine learning algorithms and advanced computer vision technology. Nanit aims to put the power of technology in the hands of parents everywhere. The team at Nanit is comprised of moms, dads and sleep fans.

Assaf Glazer – January 2014 Cohort

Shade has developed the first wearable technology to measure accurately solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Shade connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth, enabling lupus patients to discover and manage their personal tolerance to UV exposure directly on their smartphones. Lupus is a severe disease for which UV exposure has an immediate, debilitating, and life-threatening impact. Shade has gained significant traction in the lupus community with endorsement by key opinion leaders and influencers.

The Shade team is comprised of scientists and engineers with a deep expertise in semiconductors, artificial intelligence, manufacturing, and epidemiology, and is backed by a strong medical advisory board.

Emmanuel Dumont – January 2014 Cohort

Paragon Measure helps patients with motor-related diseases, like Parkinson’s, Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis. When these patients use their mobile devices, their typing patterns are tracked, detecting long-term changes and delivering data to researchers testing drug therapies and clinicians tailoring treatment plans.

Yaron Levinson – January 2014 Cohort

Innovatively makes sense of public data to deliver comprehensive information on markets, companies and products in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

An Nguyen – January 2015 Cohort 

Queue AI is building a digital personal assistant to help prioritize users' tasks and manage schedules by knowing upcoming deadlines, breaking down larger projects and understanding users' most productive hours.

Hussam Abu-Libdeh – August 2014 Cohort

Spectrum is a software platform delivering real-time building performance feedback. The company leverages cloud computations, machine learning and green design principles to help architects more intelligently make sustainable design decisions during the earliest design stages. The initial product plugs into the building information modeling programs Rhino, Revit, and Sketchup and provides life cycle assessment feedback on energy use, costs and environmental impact. Architects’ design cycle times are shortened, high performance design options are enhanced by a factor of 20,000, life cycle impacts are significantly reduced and sustainability goals are more easily met.

John Basbagill – January 2014 Cohort

The Data Incubator, is a data science education company based in NYC, DC, and SF with both corporate training as well as recruiting services. For corporate training, it offers customized, in-house training solutions in data and analytics. For data science hiring, it runs a free 8 week fellowship training PhDs to become data scientists.

Michael Li – January 2014 Cohort