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Runway Startups

The Runway Startup Postdoc Program is part business school, part research institution, part startup incubator. Based at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, Runway ushers recent PhDs in digital technology fields through a paradigm shift—from an academic mindset to an entrepreneurial outlook. Postdocs come to the Institute with ideas for unproven products and markets and receive significant support as well as mentorship from academic and business experts in connective media, health technology, security & privacy and computer vision, among a number of other fields.

  • 18

    More than 18 patent applications and provisional patents since 2014. One patent granted.

  • $19.5

    More than $19.5 million raised in angel and venture capital funding.

  • 72

    More than 72 employees at Runway companies globally.

The Runway mentors transformed my academic mentality into a business-oriented one that balances technical depth with speed, agility and practicality. After a few months, I had truly evolved into an entrepreneur.

Rimas Gulbinas, Startup Postdoc and Founder, Maalka, a SaaS platform that enables cities, corporations, utilities and building owners to launch and manager successful sustainability initiatives

Startup Spinout Activity Report:

The report below is a comprehensive overview of spinout activity at Cornell Tech, highlighting the impact that Cornell Tech is having on New York City’s tech ecosystem and the most interesting companies and trends we are seeing. Cornell Tech's startup activity is scaling up quickly, with another 10x growth of the student population ahead over the coming years.

Cornell Tech Startup Spinout Activity Report