What is ORIE?

Now is a time where decisions are being made at rapid speeds. An immense amount of information affects decisions, and conditions evolve quickly in a seemingly unpredictable fashion. Online retailers like Amazon price millions of products in real time while considering competitors’ responses. On-demand transportation services like Citibike manage their vehicles in response to dynamic demand. Providers of online entertainment like Netflix make product recommendations to customers based on their past behavior. This is the way of today’s tech-driven world.

Operations Research and Information Engineering is the science of decision-making in complex environments, where it is critical to turn unpredictability into manageable uncertainty and to transform heaps of unstructured data into business insight through cutting-edge algorithms and computation. The MEng in Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE) is designed to turn you into an effective decision maker in the tech world by providing knowledge and skills in mathematical model-building, data analytics, analysis of uncertainty, and optimization.

Degree Issuer: Cornell University

What will I study?

The MEng in ORIE program at Cornell Tech equally emphasizes technical depth in operations research methods, fluency in computational tools for large-scale implementation and developing business insight. All of these components are connected through a project-based curriculum that allows you to nurture a startup idea from inception to maturity.

You will complete foundational courses in optimization tools and probabilistic analysis. This foundation is complemented by classes on machine learning and data science that emphasize computational tools. The program features elective operations research and business courses that are specifically designed to satisfy the data-driven, fast-paced needs of the tech industry.

One third of your coursework at Cornell Tech involves the project-based co-curriculum. As an ORIE student you will join forces with fellow Cornell Tech masters students from different disciplines, developing business solutions and technology-driven systems to solve real problems.

Your ORIE MEng curriculum will include modern courses such as Optimization Methods, Modeling under Uncertainty, Applied Machine Learning, Service Systems & Online Markets, e-Logistics, Data Science and Business for Tech. 

For a full list of current courses at the Cornell Tech campus, check out courses.cornell.edu.

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What can I do with an MEng in ORIE degree?

You will thrive in settings that use computational tools, algorithms and large amounts of data to make business decisions in uncertain environments. You will find yourself taking on business analyst, data scientist and quantitative decision expert roles in a diverse set of industries that includes online retail, web services, quantitative marketing, price optimization, healthcare, e-logistics, transportation and travel. As with all of the other programs at Cornell Tech, the MEng in ORIE program aims to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in you, which opens the possibility of pursuing your own startup as well. In the past, the ORIE MEng students from our Ithaca campus have been hired by tech-driven companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM and Yahoo!.

Should I apply?

Ideal candidates should have some prior exposure to the basics of optimization, probabilistic analysis and programming; possess the passion to bring business intelligence to technology-driven industries; and have an interest in combining the theory of operations research with computational tools and insight to deliver business solutions. All that we require you to have is a minimum of one course on optimization, one course of intermediate-level probability and statistics, and one course on intermediate-level programming under your belt before applying to the MEng in ORIE at Cornell Tech.