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Studio Curriculum

Practice Makes Innovators

To really know how innovation and entrepreneurship work, you need to make things—new products, new businesses, new network contacts, and probably a few mistakes.

The more things you make, and the deeper those "making experiences" are, the more the nuances of successful product and business development evolve from something you know in your head to something you know in your gut. No matter which program you enroll—one of our tech-focused master's programs, or our LLM or MBA program—we want innovation to become an instinct, and that only happens through practice. Our Studio Curriculum is designed to give you that practice.

An End-to-End Experience

Cornell Tech's Studio Curriculum maximizes your opportunities to develop and implement new product and business ideas, collaborate with classmates from across the Cornell Tech campus, and interact with innovators and thought leaders through New York City's thriving technology and startup communities. The Studio Curriculum's core components include:

  • Product Studio

    In Product Studio you and a team of your classmates will respond to a "Product Challenge" by developing, testing, and presenting a new product or business idea. Previous challenges have been posed by organizations as diverse as the Robin Hood Foundation, Sidewalk Labs, Medium, Weight Watchers and Bloomberg.

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  • Startup Studio

    In Startup Studio you and a team of your classmates will develop your own new product or startup idea. You'll experience the entire process, from developing your idea, to prototyping and testing, to pitching to investors. You can even apply for a Startup Award that will provide funding and other support to help you turn your Startup Studio project to a real business.

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  • Startup Ideas

    In Startup Ideas you'll go through the process of developing and refining thousands of business ideas in a mixed group of classmates from across Cornell Tech's graduate programs, finally choosing one to pursue with your team in the Startup Studio.

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  • Product Management

    This studio-based course covers the foundations of product development and management that you'll put to immediate use in your Startup Studio projects. In each session, you'll learn about a different aspect of product management, product design, or technology development.

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  • Conversations in the Studio

    Cornell Tech caps off each week with Conversations in the Studio, which brings to campus innovators and thought leaders throughout New York's tech and startup community for freewheeling, student-moderated discussions about entrepreneurship, design, venture capital and host of other subjects. 

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