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Enlightening Conversations

Cornell Tech caps off each week with a lively edition of Conversations in the Studio. Conversations are your chance to pick the brains of prominent thought-leaders from around the world. The guests include entrepreneurs, intrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, artists, VCs, lawyers, writers, ethicists, and other leaders who are making a difference through their entrepreneurial efforts. Conversations take place in the Cornell Tech Studio and are moderated by a group of students that come prepared with questions and discussion topics. This is not a lecture: it's a weekly wake-up call.

Past Speakers

  • SARA LEVINSON Co-founder at Kandu, former President at MTV
  • ERIC SCHMIDT Chairman at Alphabet, formerly of Google
  • DAVID BRIN Award-winning author of science fiction
  • ARIANNA HUFFINGTON Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief at The Huffington Post
  • ALEX WINTER Actor and filmmaker
  • FRED WILSON Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures