What is the MEng in Computer Science?

The MEng in Computer Science at Cornell Tech is a year-long immersive program where you will study technical and advanced business education within the context of today’s tech industry. The courses throughout this program will teach you to think like an entrepreneur, work on cross-disciplinary teams and create a portfolio of work that is relevant in today’s tech world. As a Cornell Tech student, you will have access to a vibrant network of people and resources throughout the thriving nexus of tech and innovation in New York City.

Degree Issuer: Cornell University

What will I study?

Cornell Tech has a revolutionary model for the future of graduate education. Our programs are built around education that fuses together technology, business and creative thinking. The MEng in Computer Science program at Cornell Tech uses advanced technical courses to bring you to the forefront of computer science and business today. Throughout your time at Cornell Tech, you will gain the skills and knowledge to enter the tech world with an entrepreneurial mindset. Each of our courses is taught by faculty who not only are accomplished throughout the tech industry but are extremely passionate about making an impact on campus and the world beyond.

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What can I do with an MEng in Computer Science?

With an MEng in Computer Science from Cornell Tech, you will be prepared to enter industries like software engineering, development and management, product management, technical programming, big-data engineering, customer insight/analytics and user experience strategies, operations management and entrepreneurship. 

Should I apply?

Ideal candidates for the MEng degree at Cornell Tech will have an academic background in computer science or a related technical field, strong entrepreneurial interests and a passion to lead in the tech industry. If you do not have a technical academic background, you should have some experience in programming, discrete structures, architecture and operating systems.