What is Johnson Cornell Tech MBA?

When coming up with our vast and unique degree line-up, we knew that offering an MBA degree would be absolutely essential. This is why we decided to utilize Cornell’s Johnson MBA here at Cornell Tech. The MBA degree at Cornell Tech is comprised of a one-year program where you will earn a business degree deeply influenced by present-day needs within technology and the digital age. You will learn the foundations of business through a tech-driven lens, while reshaping the competitive landscape throughout the tech world. The core of the MBA program is business theory, and from there you will experience hands-on education centered around technology and the digital world.

Degree Issuer: Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University


What will I study?

Your initial introduction to the MBA degree will start on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, New York with a ten-week intensive program of core business and leadership education. On your 11th week, you will move to the New York City campus for nine months of rigorous, interdisciplinary, innovative entrepreneurial courses. Throughout your time at Cornell Tech you will work closely with master’s students, building and producing relevant products within our co-curriculum program.

What can I do with a Johnson Cornell Tech MBA?

The MBA program at Cornell Tech prepares you for a leading role in industries centered around product management/development, product marketing, program management, consumer insight/analytics and user experience strategies, consulting, general management, operations management and entrepreneurship.

Should I Apply?

Ideal MBA candidates have a deep interest and connection to the tech industry as well as a strong academic background within science or engineering. Candidates without this academic background can still be considered but will need show familiarity with technical tools in programming, prototyping and/or within engineering communities. All applicants, regardless of their undergraduate degree, should reflect the entrepreneurial and innovation-driven mission of Cornell Tech.

An Immersive, One-Year MBA

See how we completely reengineered the MBA to give students the technical, leadership and entrepreneurial skills necessary to drive meaningful innovation in the digital age.