What is Johnson Cornell Tech MBA?

In this one-year MBA program, founded on a tech-focused campus, you can earn a business degree deeply influenced by the needs of the digital age. You’ll learn the foundations of business in the context of the technology and innovation reshaping the competitive landscape worldwide.

Degree Issuer: Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University

What will I study?

You'll begin on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, N.Y., with a 10-week intensive of core business and leadership training. You'll then move to New York City for nine months of rigorous, cross-disciplinary, entrepreneurial and innovation courses. At Cornell Tech, MBA candidates work in teams with Computer ScienceConnective Media and Health Tech master students, building real products to solve real problems within the innovative co-curriculum. MBA courses are taught in intensive, multi-week modules and in the fall semester, MBAs work with Israeli start-ups as part of the iTrek in January.

MBA '16 students, this is your next 12 months:

On March 10th, 2015 the MBA program starts with eight weeks of two online courses, Statistics and Microeconomics.

You arrive on Cornell's Ithaca campus on May 12th to start another core course, Leading Teams for two days at Greek Peak Mountain Resort. Over the next several weeks, you will complete your first three core courses: Statistics, Microeconomics and Leading Teams.

In June, you will start Accounting as well as your first required elective, Innovation. At the end of the month, Finance and Strategy will begin.

Through July, you continue taking Finance and Strategy and begin your next two core courses, Marketing and Critical Thinking.

Your busy (but beautiful) summer in Ithaca ends with a Marketing and Critical Thinking Case Competition. You can expect to be done with your first semester by July 31st.

You'll then have two weeks to relax, rejuvenate, and gear up for your next two semesters on the Cornell Tech campus. A majority of your classmates use this time to either move to NYC or if you already live here, enjoy not having to move again. Regardless, you have new friends to spend time with for the remainder of the summer!

On August 17th, 2015 you arrive on the Cornell Tech campus housed inside the Google Building in the Chelsea area. This is the first time all Cornell Tech master students are joined together to start their entrepreneurial journey. The first week begins with orientation where you get to know people in other cohorts and an entrepreneurial intensive experience that will test your skills. This will prepare you for what will happen inside the Cornell Tech Studio during the fall semester, starting with Company Challenges.

The curriculum at Cornell Tech can be divided into two structures: Modules and Studio. In the fall semester, there are four MBA modules (listed below) alongside the co-curriculum which is taught in Studio. Most mornings will start with one of the modular courses and in the afternoon, you are in Studio for Company Challenges, Entrepreneurial Lens or Conversations in the Studio.

Module I: Operations (MBA core) + Entrepreneurship + Design Thinking
Module II: Valuations + Innovation
Module III: Digital Marketing + Tech Strategy
Module IV: Principled Leadership (MBA core) + Entrepreneurial Finance

In early January you will travel to Israel to network and present business solutions to the startups you have been working with throughout the previous semester. Watch last year's iTrek video:

In the spring semester, there are 3 MBA modules (listed below) in addition to the co-curriculum. Like fall semester, most mornings will start with one of the modular courses and the afternoon will usually be spent in the Studio for Startup Studio, Product Management or Conversations in the Studio.

Module I: Advanced Entrepreneurship + Negotiations + Design Thinking
Module II: Financial Reporting + Social Entrepreneurship + 2 Electives
Module III: Sales & Business Development + Business Models + 2 Electives

Agility credits will be offered each semester. Agility topics are decided by you. Here you will have the opportunity to choose topics to better inform your MBA experience. Some options from last year included: Human Computer Interaction, Startup Systems, Scrum and Agile Development, Storytelling for Startups and Corporate Governance.

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What are the possible outcomes and opportunities?

Our students are trained and prepared to lead in industry for product management/development, product marketing, program management, consumer insight/analytics and user experience strategies, consulting, general management, operations management as well as entrepreneurship.

Who should apply?

Ideal candidates have a deep interest in the tech industry as well as strong academic background in a science or engineering discipline. Candidates without this academic background will still be considered but will need show familiarity with technical tools in programming, prototyping and/or within engineering communities. All applicants, regardless of their undergraduate degree, should reflect the entrepreneurial and innovation-driven mission of the campus.

An Immersive, One-Year MBA

See how we completely reengineered the MBA to give students the technical, leadership and entrepreneurial skills necessary to drive meaningful innovation in the digital age.