This is a global MBA program founded on a tech-focused campus, for a business education deeply imbued with the needs of the digital age. You’ll learn the foundations of business in the context of the technology and innovation reshaping the competitive landscape worldwide.

Career Paths: Product Management/Development, Product Marketing, Program Management, Consumer Insight/Analytics and User Experience Strategies, Consulting, General Management, Operations Management as well as Entrepreneurship.

Degree Issuer: Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University


This program is for you if you can demonstrate academic excellence and the capacity to communicate clearly, think critically and solve complex problems. You’ll need a core competency in a tech field, a desire for lifelong learning and the ability to leverage new knowledge relative to the rate of innovation.

A bachelor’s degree (BA, BS, BE) in engineering, computer science, mathematics or a related technical field is required except in exceptional cases (see FAQ for more information). All applicants, regardless of their undergraduate degree, should reflect the entrepreneurial and innovation-driven mission of the campus.


The three-semester program begins in Ithaca, NY, with an intensive 10-week term including orientation, core business courses, leadership training, innovation and entrepreneurial work. It then moves to New York City for two semesters of rigorous, cross-disciplinary entrepreneurial and innovation courses.

  • Candidates engage other Cornell Tech Masters students in shared courses and projects for collaborative learning and network building.
  • Business projects give students and their teams the opportunity to work with startups and established corporations on key tech and digital challenges.
  • Courses are taught in intensive, multiweek modules and include Social Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Ethical Leadership, Tech Innovation, Digital Marketing and more. 


Summer semester in Ithaca:

  • Pre-work: Self-paced study of Statistics and Economics
  • May: Testing for Statistics and Economics, NYC Intro, Leadership
  • June: Accounting, Critical Thinking, Tech Innovations
  • July: Finance, Strategy, Skills Clinics
  • August: Marketing, Big Data Analytics, Integrative Case

Fall semester in NYC:

  • August through December: Startup Project (ideation, team forming, proof of concept) and Existing Enterprise Project
  • August: Boot Camp
  • September: Product Management with technical degree students, Design Thinking, Operations
  • October: Ethical Leadership, Digital Marketing, Tech Strategy
  • November: Agility, FSA/Valuations
  • December: Experiential Learning – Global Tech and Negotiations

Spring semester in NYC:

  • Early January: Global trek to Israel, Entrepreneurial Finance
  • January to May: Career-directed Project Concentration/Focus
  • February: Connective Media/Healthy Living, Macroeconomics
  • March: Social Entrepreneurship, Cost Accounting
  • April: Product/Software Development Process, Agility
  • May: Sales and Business Development, Small Business Operations

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