Cornell Tech alumni startup Thread Learning was recently acquired by CentralReach, a leading provider of electronic medical records (EMR), practice management and clinical solutions for applied behavioral analysis (ABA) clinicians and educators.

Thread Learning is an ABA data collection platform that allows professionals working with children with autism to collect, graph, and analyze academic and behavioral data on an intuitive mobile application and an online portal.

The company was founded in 2016 during Startup Studio by Greg Brill, Johnson Cornell Tech MBA ’16, and Sam Raudabaugh, Master in Computer Science ’16. Thread Learning was one of four winners of Cornell Tech’s 2016 Startup Awards.

“Partnering with CentralReach allows us to further our mission of providing the most intuitive, flexible, and powerful ABA data collection platform on the market and I couldn’t be more excited for what comes next for the product and our customers,” said Greg Brill, Thread Learning CEO and co-founder, in a release on CentralReach’s website. “CentralReach provides us with the extensive resources we need to accelerate our product roadmap and the tools our customers have come to know and love. ABA clinicians should expect to see great things from Thread now that we are a core part of the CentralReach family.”