Another great batch of startups is coming out the Startup Studio this semester.

Every spring semester masters students across all programs form teams and develop a startup. A total of 29 companies were formed over the course of the semester.

Each year, startups interested in spinning out after graduation have the opportunity to compete for the Cornell Tech Startup Awards: $80,000 of pre-seed funding and $20,000 worth of space in the Cornell Tech co-working space in Midtown.

Eleven teams applied for the awards this year and presented to a panel of judges including entrepreneurs, VCs, Dean Huttenlocher and the Cornell Tech Studio Team. And the winners are…

Uru: A software that uses computer vision to automatically find surfaces inside video that can artfully host advertisements that are unobtrusive and unblock-able. Bill Marino (MEng ’16), Brunno Attorre (MEng ’16), and Johan Adami (MEng ’16)

GitLinks: A search engine that generates a trust score for Open Source software to give companies confidence in their Open Source and predict possible failures and suggest reliable alternatives. Ian Folau (MBA ’16), Nwamaka Nzeocha (MEng ’16), Nicolas Joseph (MEng ’16), Bonnie Ding (MBA ’16)

RoboTC: A plug-and-play hardware with simple software modules to give any robot the ability to do incredible things, democratizing state-of-the-art robotics development. Wilson Pulling (MEng ’16) and Yang Hu (MEng ’16), Kuowei Tseng (MEng ’16, adviser), and Inna Kim (MEng ’16, adviser).

Thread Learning: A data platform to provide autism teachers an easy way to collect, analyze, and share student progress, saving them from hours of paperwork and allowing them to focus on improving care for students. Greg Brill (MBA ’16) and Sam Raudabaugh (MEng ’16)

Stay tuned for more coverage of these startups and other Cornell Tech projects from spring semester.