The Roosevelt Island campus joins more than 350 cultural institutions around the globe with a free guide on the Bloomberg Connects app that features its art collection and enriches on- and off-site visits

Cornell Tech has launched a new, digital guide highlighting the many cultural attributes of its campus on Bloomberg Connects, the free arts and cultural app created by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The Bloomberg Connects app, available for download from Google Play or the App Store, makes Cornell Tech accessible for either on- or off-site visits through photo, audio and video features – offering insights into how the campus is achieving its mission of driving technology and the AI era towards lasting economic and social prosperity for New York City and the world.

Visitors engaging with Cornell Tech on the Bloomberg Connects platform will be able to explore key features of the state-of-the-art campus including some artworks that are not available for public in-person viewing. Included in the app content are the following highlights:

“We are thrilled to share the many highlights of Cornell Tech’s Roosevelt Island campus with a worldwide audience on the Bloomberg Connects platform,” said Greg Morrisett, Jack and Rilla Neafsey Dean and Vice Provost of Cornell Tech. ​“Our impressive art installations, cutting-edge facilities, energy-efficient buildings, and campus design all contribute to making Cornell Tech one of the best destinations in the world to educate leaders, create new technologies, and launch ventures. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase these attributes thanks to our partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies.”

“During our time in City Hall, we helped launch Cornell Tech as a way to keep New York City on the cutting edge of technological innovation. Since then, the team at Bloomberg Philanthropies has worked with the university to create a campus that celebrates forward-thinking art and design,” said Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies. “Now, audiences around the world will have an opportunity to learn more about Cornell Tech’s immersive artwork and sustainable design — and to gain a better understanding of its contributions to the city’s tech industry. More than 365 world-class institutions are using the Bloomberg Connects app to expand access to art and culture, and we’re excited that Cornell Tech is now among them.”

Located on Roosevelt Island, Cornell Tech’s 12-acre campus is New York City’s most cutting-edge high-tech destination, comprising a thriving and inclusive community of creative thinkers who work at the crossroads of research, education, and innovation. Cornell Tech was made possible by an economic development initiative of Michael Bloomberg’s mayoral administration, which included an award competition among institutions of higher education worldwide that ended in 2011 with Cornell University and its partner, the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, being named the winners. The partnership between Cornell Tech and Bloomberg Philanthropies dates back to a $100 million gift in 2014 to construct The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Center, the first academic building on the campus and the home to most of its art collection.

Bloomberg Connects offers free digital guides to cultural organizations around the world. The app platform is part of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ longstanding commitment to supporting digital innovation in the arts. Bloomberg Connects makes it easy to access and engage with arts and culture from mobile devices when visiting in person, or anytime from anywhere. With dynamic content exclusive to each partner organization, the app provides a range of features including video, audio, and text; expert commentary; and way-finding maps. Follow Bloomberg Connects on Instagram, Facebook, and X for updates on new guide launches, exhibit highlights, and more.