Cornell Tech students are more than just engineers or business students; at heart they are inventors and entrepreneurs. Scrappy and forward looking, they aim to use their analytic abilities and expertise to tackle complex problems and deliver products to market.

Upon graduation, they form their own ventures or work for companies that foster entrepreneurial spirit.

At Cornell Tech, we don’t observe rigid recruitment periods or elaborate logistical procedures, knowing the best way to get to know our students is simply to spend some time with them. Giving a talk at our campus in the heart of New York City or hosting a company visit are some of several ways to connect with our students. 

Cornell Tech is a part of the vibrant Cornell University community, which means that students and employers have access to the Cornell network and alumni resources. Please see the FAQ section to learn more on how to connect to other schools at Cornell University and the alumni.

Employers should submit job descriptions (full-time and internships) here.

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