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2020 – 2021 Recruitment Calendar

Effective November 2019, the Johnson Cornell Tech MBA is a STEM-designated degree for OPT applications by international students in the graduating class of 2020 and the following cohorts.

All Cornell Tech programs run from September to May of the following year (with the exception of two-year programs, which also conclude in May).

Historically, over 80% of students graduating each year seek full-time employment and almost all students in the two-year programs (MS in IS, Health Tech and Connective Media) look for summer internships. The cross-disciplinary curriculum at Cornell Tech and the practical experience of working on teams with peers across programs prepare our students for a variety of careers in large companies and startups. A number of our students across programs have been startup founders prior to Cornell Tech or bring significant tech industry experience as product managers, marketers, or engineers. As the academic program at Cornell Tech provides business education to engineers and technical skills to business students, we encourage employers to consider students from all relevant programs for potential roles.

Please contact the Career Management Office at to participate in any of the below activities or to make alternative arrangements.


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Recruitment Events

To facilitate meaningful professional networking and productive recruiting, Cornell Tech encourages companies to engage with our students throughout the year. Interacting with the students directly delivers the most effective understanding of their capabilities and interests. To this end, we offer a number of alternatives to the standard recruitment presentation.


Company Presentations

Companies interested in recruiting are encouraged to conduct presentations to help students learn about their work. Generally,  presentations can be scheduled on Mondays at or after 6 pm and many Fridays. It’s best to schedule a company presentation a few weeks before interviews to allow some time for students to submit their resumes.

The Cornell Tech Career Management office typically manages the resume collection process and shares resumes of interested applicants at the due date. Alternatively, companies may elect to have students submit their applications and resumes via their company’s portal.


Tech Talks

A talk or presentation centered on a subject relevant to engineering and business. Companies are encouraged to conduct these during breaks in classes to maximize students’ time and attendance. Tech talks can be conducted in place of or in addition to standard company


Interview Clinics/Mock Interviews

Conducting an interview clinic is a great way to get to know students and help them master the interviewing process. It’s also a chance for companies to train their less experienced colleagues in the art and science of interviewing by giving them a chance to practice with our students. A clinic/mock interview session involves one experienced industry practitioner interviewing a student in front of a small group of peers and providing live feedback. Usually, these sessions take 45-60 minutes. Additional and one-on-one sessions can be conducted by phone or video conference.



Students always seek advice and guidance from experienced professionals on their career opportunities and trajectory.


Interview dates

Companies are welcome to conduct interviews on the Cornell Tech campus, or off-campus and/or remotely. Fridays tend to be the best days to conduct interviews.


Campus Interview Days

In addition to company presentations and other company events, each semester Cornell Tech reserves three Fridays for interviews. On these dates, students have no classes and companies are encouraged to schedule interviews to ensure maximum access to students. Interviews can be scheduled at any time.

These interview dates are Cornell Tech specific and do not coincide with career fairs or other events conducted on the CU’s campus in Ithaca, NY.

Fall 2020 interview dates are:

  • Friday, September 11
  • Friday, October 16
  • Friday, November 20


The Cornell Tech Career Management team is available to support all aspects of the interviewing process- e.g., resume submissions, schedule creation, video conferencing support (if needed).

Cornell Tech does not charge for participation in any recruiting events.




Cornell University offer policies apply to students in relevant programs on the Cornell Tech campus.

One-Year Johnson Cornell Tech MBA

One and Two-Year Technical Programs



In September 2018, Johnson MBA students in the three full-time MBA programs (Two-Year, Ithaca One-Year, and Johnson Cornell Tech One-Year) passed a student referendum on grade non-disclosure. The policy was motivated by Johnson students’ desire to bring disclosure policies into alignment with Johnson’s collaborative culture and to encourage academic risk-taking. The school faculty support the outcome of the referendum.

Under the terms of the referendum, students will not be permitted to disclose their grades to recruiters until after a full-time, post-graduation job has been extended. The policy covers grade point averages (GPAs), grades in courses, and grades on assignments or exams. Exceptions include dual-degree students who are pursuing non-MBA roles (e.g. JD/MBA candidates who needs to disclose their GPAs to law firm recruiters), Johnson Cornell Tech students applying to positions not restricted to MBAs at the Cornell Tech campus, and students applying for fellowships, public sector, international, and/or nonprofit positions.

Johnson asks that all recruiters respect the policy and refrain from asking Johnson students about their grades.



Employers should submit job descriptions (full-time and internships) here. Each job or internship description should include a short description of your company, and the specific skills and competencies required and the expected learning experience that will take place. All jobs will be posted internally, accessible to all students and alumni. When posting jobs for alumni, please mark these as ‘alumni jobs.’

To request a resume book, contact Career Management at

To reach the Cornell University Career Management Centers in Ithaca, please contact the following:

Johnson Graduate School of Management (MBA)

Cornell University Career Services (STEM programs)

Cornell University Law School Career Services (LLM)