• Johnson Cornell Tech MBA

    The Johnson Cornell Tech MBA combines the rigorous foundation of a Johnson Graduate School of Management MBA with an experiential immersion in technology and entrepreneurship.

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  • Master in Computer Science

    The technology field is increasingly fast-paced and entrepreneurial, and the most successful developers and programers are the ones who understand how the tech and startup worlds fit together. Our CS masters degree will give you that understanding. More Info
  • Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering

    The Master of Engineering in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Cornell Tech is a year-long immersive program designed to teach engineers, scientists and quantitative analysts important state-of-the art methods in signal processing, data science and decision theory.

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  • Master in Operations Research and Information Engineering

    Any business in any industry gains a competitive edge when they can harness data to inform strategic decisions. Our ORIE Masters will give you the mathematical and modeling skills you need to put data to work.

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  • Master of Laws (LLM)

    The explosion of new tech products and new tech companies has created a growing demand for skilled lawyers who are passionate about technology and understand the legal and regulatory challenges faced by startup businesses. This first-of-its kind tech LLM will give you the knowledge and experience you need to advise innovative tech startups.

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  • Technion-Cornell Dual Master’s Degrees in Connective Media

    This first-of-its-kind degree, developed with input from tech-driven companies like Facebook and The New York Times, puts you at the intersection of technology, human psychology and cognition, and entrepreneurship.

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  • Technion-Cornell Dual Master’s Degrees in Health Tech

    Deepen your technical skills while gaining the industry-specific knowledge you need to develop technologies that can make health care safer, more effective and more affordable.

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