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M.Eng in Computer Science
Gain technical depth in Computer Science in the context of real user and industry needs. In this program, advanced technical skills are developed along with the business and design understanding necessary to build inventive and viable solutions.
Expected career path: Development of sophisticated tech solutions as a CTO, Software Engineer, Manager, or Entrepreneur
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One-year Johnson MBA
Get an advanced business education through the lens of the tech industry designed to catalyze innovation and commercialization. We've re-engineered the MBA to fuse the business, technical, and entrepreneurship skills necessary to bring transformational ideas to market for greater impact.
Expected career path: Own and advance the business side of tech through C-level management positions, Product or Project Management, Product Marketing, Business Development, Consulting, or Venture Capital
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M.S. In Information Systems (Connective Media)
Earn dual degrees from Cornell University and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology through a program that combines education in the computer, information, and social sciences with the needs of media-related industries. You'll have specialized technical instruction and industry engagement to learn how to shape the future of how we connect with each other.
Expected career path: Development of sophisticated tech solutions in media related industries as a CTO, Software Engineer, Manager, or Entrepreneur
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Our faculty have extensive researched-based projects in their respective fields as part of their work at Cornell Tech. Learn more about our Ph.D. studies at Cornell Tech.

M.Eng in Computer Science

The CS M.Eng curriculum is organized to support flexible and dynamic interdisciplinary instruction instead of traditional academic departments. World-class academics, each of whom has entrepreneurial experience, teach courses handcrafted to fit the unique mission of Cornell Tech and build deep expertise in software systems.

The real-world project is a team-based project in cooperation with a company or organization where the motive of the project is a technical opportunity or challenge either drawn from or relevant to the business of the cooperating organization, and where a practitioner from that organization contributes real-world feedback and mentorship to the student effort.

Every Friday, students participate in an interdisciplinary practicum, which is led by diverse guest practitioners including entrepreneurs, designers, storytellers, artists, lawyers and more. These practicums give students broad, first-hand understanding and experience to be successful in the business world.

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The Program

  • 2 Semester Program (30 credits)
  • Technical Courses (18 credits)
  • Business Courses (6 credits)
  • Entrepreneurial Life (2 credits)
  • M.Eng Project (6 credits)

See all of the CS M.Eng program requirements in the Admissions section.

Johnson MBA

The evolution of digital technology has changed business forever. The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management is launching an entirely new MBA program with the digital economy at its heart: The One-Year MBA at Cornell Tech. This is a truly interdisciplinary, groundbreaking MBA program that sits on a Tech campus rather than in a business school. 

How is the One-Year MBA at Cornell Tech different from other MBA programs?

It embraces and leads with the digital economy. You’ll learn the foundations of business, but taught in the context of its role in today’s global digital economy. And you’ll develop an understanding of where and how technology and business intersect.

It’s a one-year program. That’s half the time of a traditional MBA, but with twice the intensity.

It’s in the heart of New York City’s global tech hub. You’ll be at the very center of business and exposed to the best and brightest on a daily basis. 

It’s incredibly intense, amazingly collaborative, and definitely nontraditional. We bring together students across disciplines from business to engineering and computer science to learn, innovate, and create. One day you’ll be in the classroom learning timeless MBA essentials and the next you’ll be leading a team of cross-disciplinary professionals troubleshooting a real-world challenge for an international corporation or a cutting-edge startup.

It’s the Cornell MBA. That means you’ll develop a mastery of business and leadership fundamentals needed to lead others toward peak performance and extraordinary results. It also means you’ll have access to all the resources of the most diverse and innovative Ivy League university and our global alumni network.

This program is right for you if you truly grasp the digital economy and have solid experience and proven success within tech companies or in tech initiatives in traditional companies. This kind of work experience is vital, as you will be a resource for others —your fellow MBA students, the companies you’ll interact with, and students in other Cornell Tech Master’s programs. 

This is the perfect MBA for people who:

  • know how to adopt, navigate, exploit, and optimize technology

  • have the skills, savvy, ideas, and ambition to achieve great success

  • believe that being better versed in business will help them realize their goals

Program Highlights

  • The program begins in May on the Cornell campus in Ithaca, NY, where you’ll complete a business fundamentals and leadership curriculum, begin innovation and entrepreneurial content, and forge the bonds that will last a lifetime.
  • In fall, winter, and spring, the program continues in New York City.
  • MBA candidates engage other Cornell Tech master’s candidates in shared courses and projects, with ample time for collaborative learning and network building.
  • Through business projects, you and your project team solve issues or capitalize on innovation opportunities for startups and larger corporations.
  • Courses are taught in intensive, multi-week modules. They include Social Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Ethical Leadership, Tech Innovation, Digital Marketing, and more. 

The Curriculum

  1. Summer semester in Ithaca
  • Prework: self-paced study of Statistics and Economics
  • May: testing for Statistics and Economics, NYC Intro, Leadership
  • June: Accounting, Critical Thinking, Tech Innovations
  • July: Finance, Strategy, Skills Clinics 
  • August: Marketing, Big Data Analytics, Integrative Case
  1. Fall semester in NYC
  • August through December: Startup Project (ideation, team forming,   proof of concept) and Existing Enterprise Project
  • August: Boot Camp 
  • September: Product Management with technical degree students, Design Thinking, Operations
  • October: Ethical Leadership, Digital Marketing, Tech Strategy
  • November: Agility, FSA/Valuations
  • December: Experiential Learning — Global Tech and Negotiations    
  1. Spring semester in NYC
  • Early January: Global trek to Israel, Entrepreneurial Finance
  • January to May: Career-directed Project Concentration/Focus
  • February: Connective Media / Healthy Living, Macroeconomics
  • March: Social Entrepreneurship, Cost Accounting
  • April: Product/Software Development Process, Agility
  • May: Sales and Business Development, Small Business Operations

See all of the Cornell MBA program requirements in the Admissions section

M.S. in Information Systems (Connective Media)

jtcii_logo.pngThe information revolution has transformed society in a way that would have been unimaginable twenty years ago. The primary human desire to consume and share information in real time is the wellspring of innovative, need-driven information technologies. At home, on the road, in the office, in school, at play or in a variety of social scenarios, participants will invariably and increasingly use digital information technologies to get things done. 

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Information Systems with specialization in Connective Media, offered by the Jacobs Institute at Cornell Tech, meets the growing demand for trained technologists and entrepreneurs in media-related industries: it provides the talent both to drive the digital-age transformation of information (e.g., news, publishing, advertising, and entertainment) industries and to lead the design and development of the next generation of social media applications.

Program Overview

In this innovative two-year program, students will earn a degree from both Cornell University and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. The M.S. in Information Systems with specialization in Connective Media degree combines technical, social science and media industry expertise in an interdisciplinary two-year program that broadly covers topics such as data analytics, human-centered design, mobile technologies, social networks, and user experience. These fundamental skills are brought to bear on practical problems through immersive semester-long projects with some of the most prominent New York City digital and social media companies and across many related industries. Building on the technological excellence of both Cornell and the Technion, the program will educate a new generation of talent to develop technologies, applications and experiences that take advantage of the constant access to, and the sharing of, online information in the digital and mobile worlds. 

The program offers an excellent foundation in the information sciences: methods for extracting, using and sharing vital information from the ever expanding masses of data at structured online repositories (e.g., databases of people), semi-structured user-generated content of social media sites (e.g., wikis, blogs, user forums and game worlds), unstructured sources (e.g., social networks,) and media streams of varied content: text, audio, images, and video. 

Beyond the technological coursework, the program also provides formal and hands-on training in entrepreneurship and involves a significant hands-on R&D project in a real-world environment. This is achieved through collaboration with relevant tech companies in New York City – the media capital of the world.

With their accrued formal and informal business, industrial and entrepreneurial experience, graduates of this program will be especially desirable employees for the extensive hi-tech or media-related industries. It is also anticipated that some graduates will continue the project work started during their studies, either as spinoffs of the affiliated companies or as independent startups.

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Program Highlights

  • Two-year interdisciplinary technological degree focusing on digital media in the connected and mobile world.
  • Significant industrial engagement and project work
  • Interleaved business and entrepreneurial training – formal and hands-on
  • Facilitation of summer internship with Industrial Affiliates

See all of the program requirements in the Admissions section.   

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