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Research Labs & Initiatives

Cornell Tech’s labs and initiatives are highly collaborative environments where faculty and students pursue new lines of inquiry across theoretical and applied areas of technology. In addition to generating world-class academic work, our labs and initiatives engage deeply with external communities, organizations, and industry to address real-world problems and contexts that amplify the direct societal and commercial impact of our research. Explore the research projects and partnerships underway right now in our labs and initiatives.

AIBI (AI for Biomedical Imaging)
Artificial Intelligence

AIBI (AI for Biomedical Imaging) is a group at Cornell Tech that conducts research in the field of biomedical data analysis, in particular imaging data, and with an application emphasis on neuroscience and neurology. Led by Mert Sabuncu, the lab uses tools from signal/image processing, probabilistic modeling, statistical inference, computer vision, computational geometry, graph theory, and machine learning to develop algorithms that allow them to learn from and exploit large-scale biomedical data.

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XR Collaboratory (XRC)
Artificial Intelligence

The XR Collaboratory (XRC) at Cornell Tech works with faculty, researchers, and students from computer vision, computer graphics, and human-computer interaction, as well as practitioners in application areas such as healthcare, education, and architecture. XRC’s objective is to accelerate research & education in XR (augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality) through cross-campus collaborations, hands-on mentoring, and rapid research explorations.

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People-Aware Computing Lab
Human-Centered Computing

The People-Aware Computing lab develops mobile sensing systems for capturing, learning, and interpreting people's context, activities, and social networks. Led by Dr. Tanzeem Choudhury, the lab focuses on wearable devices, behavior change technologies, and health apps to improve a user’s well-being and quality of life. Funding sources have included NIH, Intel, NSF, Google, Microsoft Research, and Samsung.

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Robotics Lab
Artificial Intelligence

Cornell Tech’s fully equipped robotics lab allows researchers to go beyond theory and conduct empirical testing and field research of the highest quality. Generous space, including a drone cage, and fabrication equipment give researchers all they need to build robots from scratch. The lab’s high-speed motion capture system facilitates advanced visualization and analysis — while our networked VR systems simulate complex human-robot interactions, including multi-person and cross-cultural studies.

Research on Campus

Spaces for research and innovation are embedded throughout the Cornell Tech campus. Learn about the Tata Innovation Center (the campus hub for research and commercialization), the Bloomberg Center (the intellectual nerve center of campus), and several other collaborative spaces designed to nurture new ways of thinking and working.

Facade of the Cornell Tech campus
An evening view of the Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Center, Tata Innovation Center, and The House at Cornell Tech.