Verizon Executive in Residence Judith Spitz spoke with the New York Post about the Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship in NY initiative (WiTNY).

Created as a partnership between CUNY, Cornell Tech and Verizon, the initiative targets women in the undergraduate and graduate school pipeline, and aims to increase the numbers of women working in technology.

Due to early cultural biases against girls pursuing science and math, there are misperceptions about what careers in these fields are really like, says Judith Spitz, Verizon’s executive in residence at Cornell Tech.

“Computer science is perceived as a loner sport for math geniuses, which couldn’t be farther from the truth,” says Spitz. “We hope to cast a wider net — to help more young women understand that computer literacy is a powerful tool you can use to solve a problem you are passionate about. I’ve done the math. If you can move the 0.9 percent of women who major in computer science closer to 5 percent nationally, it would double the number of computer science-educated students entering the workforce.”

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