Carina Corbin, Master of Engineering in Computer Science (CS) ‘21, hails from Brooklyn, New York. She received a Computer Science and Asian Languages & Civilizations double major from Amherst College prior to coming to Cornell Tech.

What is your favorite class this semester?

That’s a tough question. I will have to say Privacy in the Digital Age. It’s the perfect course for a person who wants to learn the technical, legislative, and ethical components of privacy online.

What excites you most about your program?

I love that I am learning concepts that are topical in the field. I equate it to when you learn a new word and then suddenly you see it and hear it everywhere. It is the same thing in the Computer Science program. Just the other day, a few friends asked me “what makes Signal a secure messaging platform,” which I learned in my Security and Privacy Concepts in the Wild course a couple of weeks prior. Now, they all think I am a cybersecurity genius!

Why did you choose Cornell Tech?

I chose Cornell Tech because I knew I wanted to continue my education in computer science. However, I wanted a curriculum that was fit for students who want to go into/continue working in the industry. Since I had three years of full-time work experience prior to starting at Cornell Tech, I knew what skills I wanted to brush up on: security concept, human-computer interaction and design, and development optimization. Cornell Tech has helped me to explore these concepts academically and then translate them into real-life applications.

What has surprised you most about Cornell Tech?

The community at Cornell Tech really wowed me. The students, faculty, and staff are all passionate about their domains but are still down-to-earth. Having a great sense of humor and community is always important, but during a remote environment, it has been even more appreciated. Everyone is approachable and easy-to-reach. 

What’s the most interesting use of technology you’ve seen lately?

I’m part of a group where we follow technology to assist the elderly. In that group, I learned about Zeppi. Zeppi is creating floating video call devices to enable caregivers and home care agencies to video visit aging-in-place older adults at any time. As someone who grew up close to my grandparents and loved the Jetsons, I am excited to see how this startup develops.

What is one of your favorite things to do on the weekend in NYC?

Before COVID-19, it was going to the Central Brooklyn Public Library and browsing the stacks. Now, I have settled for putting a hold on my books and taking a walk to my local library to return and pick up my weekly novel.

In what way do you hope your work might affect others and society at large? 

I just want to make someone’s day a little easier. In my previous roles, I always focused on building tools that people forgot they were using. I want to continue building technology for everyone and to continue to propel the tech industry towards that vision.

How do you describe your program to your friends and family?

“Cornell Tech’s Computer Science program is the perfect program for technical innovators that want to take the tech industry by storm. It has all the perks of attending Cornell University while enjoying New York City, aka the best city. What more could I want?!” 🙂