The House at Cornell Tech is built to Passive House standards and projected to save 882 tons of CO2 per year, equal to approximately 5,300 new trees being planted.

“What Happens Here”: Student and Faculty Residences


The Tata Innovation Center is a first-of-its-kind building that houses an extraordinary mix of cutting-edge companies working alongside groundbreaking Cornell academic teams.

“What Happens Here”: Studio


The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Center is the intellectual nerve center of the campus, bringing together students and faculty to collaborate across disciplines.

“What Happens Here”:


Academic Classes

Art Installations


The Campus; We are remastering graduate research and education for the digital age.

“What Happens Here”: 



Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute



Sustainability; Across campus, sustainable design and some equally progressive engineering – pushes the edges of current practices with buildings designed according to LEED, Passive House and Net Zero principles.


Open Space; There are two acres of public open space on campus where students, faculty, staff and visitors can sit, talk and collaborate.


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