K-12 Initiative

At Cornell Tech, we believe every student in the New York City public school system should have the content, skills and strategies to build something digital that has meaning to them. We are therefore committed to collaborating with other academic institutions and corporate and nonprofit partners to prepare all students to fully participate in the digital economy. As members of New York’s tech community, we connect schools we work with to services and funding opportunities that can have a valuable influence on student learning.

  • 50%

    50% of Cornell Tech students have volunteered their time and knowledge in NYC public schools.

  • 25

    25 NYC public school teachers attended Cornell Tech’s e-textiles workshop, To Code and Beyond, part of a series of events to share best practices and address challenges in K-12 tech education.

  • 45

    45 NYC educators and nonprofit leaders joined us to review the draft national K-12 Computer Science framework and standards.


PS/IS 217 Embraces Computer Science

While PS/IS 217 is far from being the only New York City school working to incorporate a computer science curriculum, Cornell Tech's Diane Levitt believes it’s one of the schools pushing the envelope the furthest.