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Runway Startup Postdoc, Computer Vision, Enterprise
OnSiteIQ is a Construction Insurtech startup that leverages computer vision and artificial intelligence to provide visual documentation and risk assessment to the construction industry. OnSiteIQ builds world-class technology that brings construction sites to its users, wherever they are. The platform automatically maps 360-degree imagery to building floor plans, enabling people to virtually walk through these sites to monitor progress, find and track issues, and collaborate with project stakeholders. Leveraging its AI & computer vision expertise, the OnSiteIQ team is working toward a risk assessment platform that’s safer and faster than any human inspections.
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New York, NY



Team Members

Ardalan Khosrowpour

Co-founder & CEO

Runway Startup Postdoc 2016

John Mollis

MS Computer Science '04, Cornell University

Scott Gartenberg

BS Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management '16, Cornell University

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