Toddi is a Design Thinking instructor and consultant who helps companies develop capabilities to transform the way they approach and design product, service, and process problem-solving. Driving innovation to solve business challenges is at the heart of the Design Thinking, and Toddi is a champion of its benefits and an expert in its use. With extensive experience in workshop training, Toddi has taken the practice from IDEO and Stanford (where she studied) into the corporate world, and into the classroom where she teaches at Cornell University and Cornell Tech. She has worked with corporations and organizations such as Pfizer, Capital One, Google Glass, VIAD, Metropolitan Museum of Art, AARP, among others. Previously an award-winning journalist, Toddi still writes for the Wall Street Journal after spending 16 years at Forbes and Businessweek. She also heads up her own communication consultancy that creates and executes editorial and content marketing strategies for corporate clients.


Design Thinking

Credits 1.0

This hands-on course will prepare students to be future innovators by teaching Design Thinking, the human-centered design methodology pioneered by IDEO and Stanford founder, David Kelley. Students will work on a team with peers from other disciplines so as to experience the importance of “radical collaboration.” All teams will work on the same challenge, and students will be asked to design an innovative solution to this complex problem.