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Ramin Zabih is a Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University and Cornell Tech and also holds a faculty appointment in the Radiology department at Weill Cornell Medical College. He received his undergraduate degrees from MIT in Computer Science and Math, and his Ph.D. from Stanford in Computer Science. 

He joined the Cornell faculty in 1994 and Cornell Tech in 2013. His research interests are in computer vision and its applications, especially in medicine, and he has received multiple best-paper awards. 

Technology that he and his students developed has been important both in academia and in industry and has been licensed by AOL, Google and Microsoft. He is also the founder of a non-profit that is speeding the adoption of Open Access in the computer vision community. He is a fellow of the ACM and the IEEE.


Medical Literacy

Credits 2.0

The course will cover common medical terminology, an overview of anatomy and pathology, and an in-depth treatment of a few common diseases and some of the most important classes of medications.