Huseyin Topaloglu is a Professor of Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell Tech and Cornell University. He received his Ph.D. from Princeton University in Operations Research and Financial Engineering in 2001. He has been a member of the Cornell faculty since 2002. 

Topaloglu’s research interests are in pricing, retail operations, logistics and supply chain management. Currently, he develops technology to price products such as airline tickets and hotel rooms in response to dynamic demand, and to find right product assortments to display to consumers in online retail by taking advantage of their past purchase patterns. 

He was the recipient of INFORMS Revenue Management Section Prize in 2010.


Service Systems & Online Markets

Credits 3.0

This course covers online and phyical service systems with a focus on designing and managing them. When designing service systems, we need to figure out the sales channels to use when offering services, design incentive mechanisms and make tactical capacity decisions. When operating service systems, we need to make real-time pricing decisions, allocate capacity between different needs, make product recommendations and forecast demand and customer behavior. Depending on the application setting, the capacity we manage can be physical, such as seats on an airplane to be allocated to passengers with different willingness to pay amounts, or digital, such as visitors on a webpage to be allocated between advertisers. We will cover ideas from revenue management, experimentation for demand learning, auctions, mechanism design and network theory.