Greg Pass is the founding Chief Entrepreneurial Officer at Cornell Tech, helping to start up the new campus.

Pass leads efforts to establish the culture and programs of Cornell Tech, including studio-based education, entrepreneurial curriculum and startup activities, student engagement with organizations and practitioners, and more. He also teaches several practicums, including Startup Ideas and Product Management.

A serial entrepreneur, Pass was most recently the CTO and VP of Engineering at Twitter, responsible for scaling the team and product during Twitter's early growth. Prior to Twitter, he was the co-founder and CTO at realtime search startup Summize, acquired by Twitter, the co-founder and CTO at image search startup ToFish, acquired by AOL, and was a System Architect at AOL for search products and technologies.

Pass is also an active advisor to startup companies and nonprofits, including Medium, Jelly, charity: water, and Rhizome.

He received a B.A. in Computer Science with a concentration in Cognitive Studies from Cornell University in 1997.


Startup Ideas

Credits 1.0

This studio-based course helps students develop their ability to imagine, recognize, develop and improve startup ideas. In each class, students learn a different approach to product ideation or product critique, then practice that approach, working in many different teams -- often with the advice of visiting entrepreneurs, VCs, domain experts, and other practitioners. Students invent and explore hundreds of startup ideas, and help each other evaluate and improve those ideas. By the end of the course, students self-organize into co-founding teams around specific startup ideas that they will pursue in Startup Studio the following semester.