Cornell Tech startup Trigger launches their mobile-first app that allows users to trade stocks based on events, Fast Company reports.

A new app launching today called Trigger will link to your brokerage account and help you purchase or sell stock based on various changes in the market. For instance, users can set a trigger to buy stock when it reaches a one-year low; or a user could set a trigger to sell a stock when it reaches a certain percent return. Think of the app as If-This-Then-That for stock.

The aim of Trigger is to bring hedge-fund level investing tools to the masses. Cofounder Rachel Mayer is a former trader who decided to take a sabbatical to enroll as a graduate student at Cornell Tech. Once outside of the office, she realized she didn't have access to the Bloomberg terminals or any of the feeds that had indicated to her, while she was working, what to buy or sell. All she had was a Schwab account. "I needed the signals," she says, to keep making smart personal investing decisions.

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