The annual ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW) is the venue for research in the design and use of technologies that affect groups, organizations, communities, and networks. 

This November, Cornell scholars converged on Austin, Texas, for a showing at CSCW. Cornell’s CSCW contributions this year include 15 refereed papers, a Best Paper, three Honorable Mentions, and much more.

Maggie Jack (Ph.D. student) and Nicola Dell (assistant professor at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute) received the Diversity and Inclusion award for their paper titled “Privacy is not a concept, but a way of dealing with life:’ Localization of Transnational Technology Platforms and Liminal Privacy Practices in Cambodia.”

Additionally, Assistant Professor Nicola Dell, Associate Professor Thomas Ristenpart, and Associate Professor Tapan Parikh received Honorable Mention Awards for their respective papers.

Cornell Tech and Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute faculty and researchers contributed six out of fifteen papers accepted to the conference from Cornell:

*Diversity and Inclusion Award Winner*Privacy is not a concept, but a way of dealing with life:” Localization of Transnational Technology Platforms and Liminal Privacy Practices in Cambodia

Authors: Margaret C. Jack (Cornell University), Pang Sovannaroth (Independent Researcher), and Nicola Dell (Cornell Tech/Jacobs Institute)

*Honorable Mention Award* “Is my phone hacked?” Analyzing Clinical Computer Security Interventions with Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Authors: Diana Freed, Sam Havron, Emily Tseng, Andrea Gallardo, Rahul Chatterjee, Thomas Ristenpart, and Nicola Dell (all of Cornell Tech)

*Honorable Mention Award* Computing Education for Intercultural Learning: Lessons from the Nairobi Play Project

Authors: Ian Arawjo (Cornell University), Ariam Mogos (Nairobi Play Project), Steven Jackson (Cornell University), Tapan Parikh (Cornell Tech), and Kentaro Toyama (University of Michigan) 

Accessible Video Calling: Enabling Non-visual Perception of Visual Conversation Cues

Authors: Lei Shi (Cornell Tech), Brianna J. Tomlinson (Georgia Tech), John Tang (Microsoft), Edward Cutrell (Microsoft Research), Daniel McDuff (Microsoft), Gina Venolia (Microsoft), Paul Johns (Microsoft Research), and Kael Rowan (Microsoft Research)

How Teachers in India Reconfigure their Work Practices around a Teacher-Oriented Technology Intervention

Authors: Rama Adithya Varanasi (Cornell Tech), René F. Kizilcec (Cornell University), and Nicola Dell (Cornell Tech/Jacobs Institute)

Including the Voice of Care Recipients in Community Health Feedback Loops in Rural Kenya

Authors: Fabian Okeke (Cornell Tech), Beatrice Wasunna (Medic Mobile), Mercy Amulele (Medic Mobile), Isaac Holeman (Medic Mobile), and Nicola Dell (Cornell Tech/Jacobs Institute)

Read the full list of Cornell University papers at CSCW.