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2016-2017 Tuition and Fees

Tuition* Health Insurance Student Activity Fee Estimated Cost of Living (9 months)**
MEng, Computer Science
$50,712 $2,560 $85 $29,618
MEng, ORIE $50,712 $2,560 $85 $29,618
MS in IS, Connective Media $50,712 $2,560 $85 $29,618
MS in IS, Health Tech $50,712 $2,560 $85 $29,618
Johnson Cornell Tech MBA $97,453 $3,260 $85 $35,942
LLM in Law, Technology & Entrepreneurship $63,726 $2,560 $85 $28,131

*Please note, although we make every effort to inform students of changes in advance, the amount, time, and manner of payment of tuition, fees, or other charges may be changed at any time without notice. Average tuition increase per academic year is 3-5%.

**The estimated cost of living was calculated by Cornell University and subject to change each year. International students will have to show this amount on their I-20 form along with tuition for one year. Please note, your actual living costs will depend on your lifestyle and living arrangements.