Noah Snavely, Associate Professor at Cornell Tech and in the Computer Science Department at Cornell University, recently received the International Conference on Computer Vision’s (ICCV) 2019 Helmholtz Prize for the 2009 paper, Building Rome in a Day.

The Helmholtz Prize is an award given bi-annually by the Technical Committee on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TCPAMI) at the ICCV for fundamental contributions in Computer Vision. The award recognizes ICCV papers from ten years ago with a significant impact on computer vision research.

In the paper, Snavely and his co-authors presented a system that could match and reconstruct 3D scenes from large collections of photographs on Internet photo-sharing sites. The system used a collection of parallel distributed matching and reconstruction algorithms, and demonstrated that it is possible to reconstruct cities consisting of 150K images in less than a day.

Building Rome in a Day

Authors: Sameer Agarwal, Noah Snavely, Ian Simon, Steven M. Seitz, and Richard Szeliski

International Conference on Computer Vision, 2009.