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Pre-Tech Program

Take a Summer Computer Science Immersion

From biology and physics to engineering and economics, computer science is becoming an increasingly important part of every STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) field. That’s why undergraduate STEM students with computer science knowledge have a decisive advantage when competing for jobs and grad school placements.

Cornell Tech’s summer Pre-Tech program lets you immerse yourself in computer science without taking time away from your STEM degree program. You get:

  • 8 weeks of intensive computer science study
  • 6 credits through 3 courses: Object Oriented Programming Concepts and Data Structures, Functional Programming Concepts, and a Team Project course
  • A flipped classroom approach that focuses in-class time on projects and problem-solving
  • Classmates that include the New York City region’s most talented STEM students
  • Access to speakers and other events at Cornell Tech’s Roosevelt Island campus


Pre-Tech is open to all STEM majors who are not studying Computer Science, Information Science or related disciplines. Here’s a list of STEM majors to consider.


Pre-Tech runs Monday through Thursday from June 4 to August 2, with a break for 4th of July week. It is best taken between your Junior and Senior years or the summer after you graduate.


Pre-Tech is held at Cornell Tech’s flagship campus on New York City’s Roosevelt Island. Students will need to arrange their own off-campus accommodations. No support for visa processing is available.


Tuition is at the standard Cornell University rate per summer credit, totalling $8,460 for 6 credits, not inclusive of housing which must be arranged by the student.

Application Deadlines:

Apply here by March 2nd for preferred admission. Later applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the program is full.