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MS in IS, Healthier Life

With skyrocketing healthcare costs, aging baby boomers, and an explosion of mobile users, data holds great promise for reforming healthcare. Yet, while data are everywhere – in our pockets, on our computers, our TVs – the ability to make sense of the information lags far behind. Graduates of this two-year program offered by the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute will change how we experience healthcare.

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MS in IS, Connective Media

If you want to innovate in communication, information and media, explore this two-year, dual-degree program from the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute. Focus on these key areas and help change everything from social to mobile and beyond.

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MEng in Computer Science

Go far beyond the usual Computer Science degree. In this one-year program, students gain deep technical expertise. But it’s always within the context of industry, market and user needs, and fueled by the thinking that brings ideas alive. 

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Johnson Cornell Tech MBA

This is the MBA reengineered where you'll earn an advanced business education that provides in-depth knowledge on the technologies, companies and industries changing the global landscape. You'll also gain leadership experience with an entrepreneurial mindset necessary to drive innovation. 

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Watch a Vision Unfold

See and hear from the people who are helping make Cornell Tech’s sweeping mission a reality right now, in the heart of New York City’s vibrant media, financial, tech and startup scene.