What are you doing now?

I am currently the Head of Product at Datalogue, a CT startup that uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to automate data preparation.

Why did you select Cornell Tech?

The caliber of the faculty at Cornell Tech is world-class. Being taught by cutting-edge leaders in their fields on a daily basis is exactly what I expected from a graduate school experience.

My experience studying computer science in my undergraduate degree and my experiences working as a software engineer allowed me to realize that I wanted much more than just a theoretical computer science graduate degree. The Health Tech program in particular felt like the perfect blend of deep technical and computer science understanding as applied to a very relevant and inspiring field of health and medicine. To me, computer science was only as helpful as a solution to the problem it was applied to, and with my deep interest in health and medicine, I was able to see how I could build and use increasingly sophisticated digital tools in industry.

What is one thing that you could have not done without your Cornell Tech experience?

I met almost all of my current coworkers at Cornell Tech; at Datalogue we apply what we learned at Cornell Tech from machine learning to law and business to product development on a daily basis. Cornell Tech gave me base knowledge that I now use to build a company.