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Cornell Tech Alumni Council

Summer 2015 Nominations and Appointments for 2 year term

What is the Cornell Tech Alumni Council (CTAC)?

CTAC is an alumni volunteer (and staff assisted) leadership group with the following four engagement initiatives: Lead and Give, Hire and Mentor, Recruit and Advise, Network and Learn. This Council will provide a framework to enable Cornell Tech to serve alumni and to allow alumni to serve Cornell Tech and its community. The leadership roles are noted as follows and will require 5-7 hours of time per month.

Expectations for all CTAC leaders

  • serves as ambassador and advocate for Cornell Tech
  • helps generate programming ideas to involve/engage/foster alumni participation with students, faculty, and the Cornell Tech ecosystem; programs will primarily be managed by staff, but CTAC will be play a crucial advisory role
  • responsible for keeping up to date on Cornell Tech happenings as well as gauging needs and interests of the Cornell Tech community
  • monitors informal activity of alumni to report and track participation, interests, and needs that will inform future programming and resources
  • responds to alumni questions and requests (or passes them along to staff as necessary)
  • helps plan and attends annual signature program
  • makes a gift to Cornell Tech at a level of individual comfort which demonstrates that Cornell Tech is a top philanthropic priority

Co-Chairs (2 positions available)

Oversee and lead CTAC; serve as primary alumni ambassadors for Cornell Tech. Ideally, there is representation from technical and business backgrounds. Co-chairs are leaders and are responsive — they know how to motivate others, read people well, and are welcoming, friendly and inclusive. They are not only project managers, but also people managers. Co-Chairs are passionate about Cornell Tech and embrace its philanthropic founding.

  • primary liaisons with Cornell Tech Alumni Affairs staff; communicate regularly with both staff and other council leaders
  • partners with staff to develop roadmap for alumni involvement
  • establishes dates and times for council meetings (2x/year minimum); delegates responsibility and holds council leaders accountable
  • assists in generating and overseeing informal activity among Cornell Tech alumni across all geographies; tracks and communicates that activity to staff and council
  • participates in student events (e.g. orientation) to introduce future calls to action (recruit applicants, support job placement, serve in a leadership role, make a Founder’s Pledge, and make annual gifts)
  • has an eye for recruiting future volunteer leaders and is inclusive of eager volunteers
  • actively grooms successors during year of last term
  • visits campus several times a year to interact with students, staff, and leadership as appropriate
  • Location: at least one co-chair should be based in New York area

Engagement Chair (1 position available)

Supports engagement through recruitment (admissions pipeline), participation in studio curriculum, and community service activities.

  • liaises with Admissions staff, Entrepreneurship team, Career Services, and Alumni Affairs staff while also keeping co-chairs up to date
  • leads outreach efforts encouraging alumni and friends to refer prospective students to Cornell Tech for their graduate education
    • manages and trains small committee of volunteers tasked with interest interviews and small informal events (5+ committee members around the country)
    • participates in admitted students activities
  • fields requests/makes referrals to drive participation of alumni and leaders in the tech community to participate in studio curriculum and on campus as appropriate (advising, coaching students and companies as needed/requested by entrepreneurship team/staff, etc.)
  • incorporates a community service program into annual activities for alumni and students (Hack RI, etc.)
  • remains mindful of supporting a diverse Cornell Tech community
  • Location: Flexible

Fundraising Chair (1 position available)

Builds an engaged and passionate pipeline of donors and ambassadors for Cornell Tech.

  • liaises with Development staff as well as Alumni Affairs staff while also keeping co-chairs up to date
  • inspires and leads the CT community in developing a community of alumni supporters who are committed to the success of Cornell Tech with a goal of 100% participation of alumni
  • advises on Annual Fund appeal and supports work with current class gift
  • assists launching/generating crowdfunding campaigns and special fundraising opportunities
  • Location: Flexible

Communications Chair (1 position available)

Drives cross-platform communications to celebrate alumni successes. Supports the Cornell Tech alumni presence on the website. Helps to virtually build the Cornell Tech community

  • liaises with the Entrepreneurship team, Career Services, Communications, and Alumni Affairs staff while also keeping co-chairs up to date
  • co-manages (with staff) Cornell Tech Network LinkedIn group and listserv
  • participates in development and maintenance of Cornell Tech Alumni Website
  • shares Cornell Tech’s social media posts to his/her networks and in turn creates content (guest blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts) appropriate for amplification on Cornell Tech’s social media feeds
  • responsible for heavily promoting the annual signature program with goal of maximum participation
  • Location: Flexible

Student Chairs (2 positions available)

Student ambassadors representing different degree programs to serve as liaisons to CTAC, preferably both technical and business students.

  • liaises with co-chairs as well as Alumni Affairs staff
  • keeps the council apprised of student needs and interests
  • manages student class gift campaign
  • preferably interested in future leadership role with CTAC