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New York City is establishing itself as a new nexus of the tech world, with over 900 tech-related businesses and startups across the five boroughs. Tech is quickly transforming the city’s world-leading industries — media, design, healthcare, fashion, advertising — and is sparking entirely new industries, including the burgeoning maker movement. But it can only achieve its potential as an innovation center through extensive and deep cooperation between the academic, public and private sectors.

We’re building a culture of engagement centered around that type of collaboration. We’re actively seeking innovative partnerships with organizations and practitioners that are engaging in the future of technology and committed to changing the world.

Industry Collaborations

We actively seek innovative collaborations with organizations that are driving the future of technology and are fueled by a commitment to change the world. We continually create fresh opportunities for incoming classes to work on real-world challenges, with programs including:

Company Challenges

Cornell Tech students respond to challenges posed by leading startups, companies, and organizations in NYC, delivering new business ideas and prototypes by the end of the semester.

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Startup Projects

Students become co-founders for a startup experience that includes identifying nascent markets, selecting co-founders, incorporating companies, engaging advisors and customers, crafting and articulating a compelling story, and using technical expertise to rapidly prototype new products.
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Mentoring and Advising

We also seek members of the tech community to hold “office hours” to help guide students, whether on their research, entrepreneurial projects or career planning.

Industry Big Wigs Engage with Cornell Tech

Google Vice President Alfred Spector and Dean Dan Huttenlocher speaking with Cornell Tech students. One of the many ways our students get unprecedented access to people at the forefront of tech and the digital economy.